Scottish duo LOVE SICK has just dropped their third single, “What I’d Do” in anticipation for their debut headlining performance in Glasgow on April 3. Julie and Shaun of LOVE SICK spent their 2017 spreading their following, even garnering support from Sir Elton John. Having previously released “Bullet” and “Hope”, Julie and Shaun look to keep the ball rolling with their brand new track. Currently Glasgow-based, the pair bring a fresh sound to listeners worldwide. Their latest release is a sleek, well-structured and modern track that displays the duo’s strong grasp on what works both for them and showcases their abilities. The synthy single juxtaposes electronic beats with Julie’s natural, emotion-packed vocals. The song mulls over romantic letdown and hopefulness on a roaming, yearning soundscape. LOVE SICK is already doing a remarkable job of honing their sound, and we’re excited to see what the futures holds for LOVE SICK. Just wait until you hear what LOVE SICK can do.

Gonna be in Glasgow on April 3rd? You can hit up LOVE SICK’s debut headliner free here. Keep up with the duo here.

Veronica DeFeo