In preparation for her debut EP release next month, singer-songwriter Lorelei Rose Taylor releases the title track “Versailles”. Taylor shares that the track “embodies a sort of cosmic dance between two people very much in love, but very toxic for each other – and everyone around them.”

“Versailles” feels light instrumentally, but lyrically you can sense a tug of war between love and toxicity. The lyrics that introduce the chorus “dance between the lines / dance around your lies”, shows that the main subject is aware of the problem occurring between the two people.

The song starts off with a serendipity feel but becomes more tragic as it progresses. With the use of building up the instrumentation and adding sirens as the song fades out, that progression is driven home.

Taylor’s style lives in the space between alternative, baroque rock, and dream-pop. With her soft, sweet, and raw vocals, coupled with her lyrical storytelling, Taylor is able to create vivid words of love, lust, and loss.

Kendal Chandler