Sine the release of his wildly successful synth laid single, “Let It Go,” singer/songwriter Lonely Benson has been working towards the release of his newest self-titled LP. Not only is “Let It Go” the perfect sneak peak to this wonderfully laid back LP, but every song that Lonely Benson contains is full of the same indie pop magic that fans have come to love from this artist. Throughout the entire release, the listener is taken through story after story that has been perfectly executed with the use of clever lyricism and dreamy vocals. One of tracks in particular, “Lazy Lover” aligns itself to this description. Lonely Benson is the ideal listen for any occasion or circumstance–whether you are spending time with friends, laying on the beach, or on a drive by yourself in the countryside.

Throughout all of his tracks, fans will fall in love with all of the thrillingly nuanced synth-pop influences and skillful guitar work. Along with this killer skills in his back pocket, Lonely Benson has the unique ability to create a warm and inviting atmosphere with his music that is both infectious and highly coveted. Without a doubt, this artist has what it takes to make it big time, seeing as there is already a significant amount of buzz surrounding this new project. Since his debut as an artist, he has been featured on Apple Music’s alternative list and has been awarded over 2 million streams on Spotify. Along with killing it with his now millions of stream, he has also created a following through his coverage everywhere from Indie Shuffle to KickKickSnare. No doubt, this new album is going to satisfy all of those who have jumped on the Lonely Benson band wagon.

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Madison Blom