**Submitted by Lo Carmen.

Memories, dreams, the things you remember, the things you can’t forget, the nights and the names you forgot, the moments that lurk and linger in the corners of your mind, haunt your sleep and hover at the edges of existence … these are the things that only a song can really capture the feeling of.

With ‘The Last Thing I’ll Remember’ I just closed my eyes and tried to condense all of those perfect pangs and elusive longings that come with the passage of time into a song.

And now, into a collection of songs by other artists who have tried to paint the same feelings into melodies; the intangible feeling of checking into Memory Motel and collapsing into sweet reminiscences, walking on the backroads, by the rivers, ever smiling, ever gentle on your mind. We all know you can’t put your arms around a memory or live in Memory Street forever, but sometimes your memory has a mind of its own. So whether you’re looking’ back on Luckenbach or can’t remember Guildford, maybe remember me, or your wildest dreams, or your favorite memory, cos walkin’ in the sand or livin’ on memories of you will be the last thing on my mind, as I remember a time when once you used to love me… so listen up, lovers, dreamers, fighters, kick your tin can down the road and remember….

  1. Last Thing I’ll Remember: Lo Carmen
  2. Memory Motel: Rolling Stones
  3. Looking’ Back On Luckenbach: Whitney Rose
  4. I’ve Got Dreams To Remember: Otis Redding
  5. Living On memories Of You: Dolly Parton
  6. If Drinkin’ Don’t Kill Me (Her Memory Will): George Jones
  7. Remember (Walkin’ In The Sand): The ShangriLas
  8. Your Memory Has A Mind Of Its Own: Willie Nelson
  9. My Favorite Memory: Merle Haggard
  10. You Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Memory: Johnny Thunders
  11. Memory Street: Margaret Glaspy
  12. He’s Just An Old Love Turned Memory: Tammy Wynette
  13. No, I Don’t Remember Guildford: Robyn Hitchcock
  14. You or Your Memory: The Mountain Goats
  15. I Don’t Remember: The Stepfords
  16. Wildest Dreams: Ryan Adams
  17. Those Memories Of You: Trio
  18. Maybe Remember Me: Daniel Romano
  19. The Last Thing On My Mind: Gram Parsons
  20. I Remember A Time When Once You Used To Love Me: Dirty Three
  21. Gentle On My Mind: Billy Bragg, Joe Henry


“The Last Thing I’ll Remember” is out now. Keep up with Lo Carmen here.

**Submitted by the artist