Today, talented musical act Leland and The Silver Wells – fronted by the phenomenal Leland Ettinger – releases their latest track “We Dissolve”, and we’ve got your exclusive streaming premiere. You may have already heard of this extraordinary artist from her past works, which you can find on her website. While these two albums may have gotten her large recognition, her new upcoming album will surely be a work of art like no other.

In “We Dissolve”, the soundscape itself is almost decadent, very relaxing due to the gorgeous choir-like vocals and the mid-tempo pace. From listening to “We Dissolve” multiple times, it is clear that throughout her album, you will be taken on an emotional ride that will leave you wanting to listen to the album over and over again!

From music school, to multiple popular albums you will want to be sure to keep an eye on Leland Ettinger for her upcoming self-titled album on September 14th! 

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