Recently, the forces of Kid Moxie and Chrysanthe Tan teamed up to feature on ash.ØK’s latest single, “Chained Rebellion”. Los Angeles based indietronica talent Kid Moxie (Elena Charbila) led up to this release with her most recent dance track, the ethereal “No Island“, that dropped in December. “Chained Rebellion” exists in a completely different soundscape, a very robotic nature to the instrumentals. As futuristic as it all seems, the automation sounds mimic how many feel about what’s going on in today’s society as well. Since the song itself is about breaking free from societal and cultural expectations, we can see how the robotic approach to the track is so key. Not only that, but all three artists have achieved an introspective, highly danceable, track experience, and it speaks to our hearts on so many levels.

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Meredith Schneider