Still budding after the success founded in his debut track, “High Like This,” Kevin George recently released his newest single, “My Crew”. In his own words, “With My Crew, I wanted to create the soundtrack to the party for me & the kids from my city. Anything Goes at a party in CT”. Not only did he achieve this with the creativity and killer beats, but also with his innovative lyrics and loops.

If this new single wasn’t enough to get excited about this upcoming artist, then the announcement of the bigger picture is. Recently, it was published that “My Crew” is just the beginning of a much bigger project. In fact, this new single is a small piece of upcoming project LOVELAND, which gives all of his fans something to look forward to from this newcomer. Not only does George have a unique vocal ability, but his true talent is arguably found in his ability to produce skittering tracks that have since become a signature part of his sound and music profile. Now that Kevin George has released this second single, there is nothing stopping him from becoming a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

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Madison Blom