Stunning. Beautiful. Haunting. Very few words perfectly describe the new video released for Kate Faust’s stunning new single, “Trouble.” As the scene opens, Faust is buried in a cape of darkness that intensifies the mood so wonderfully outlined by the drawn out instrumental loops. Vocally speaking, even the bone chilling beauty of Faust’s tone and timbre instantly creates an edgy atmosphere this is pure perfection. Choreographed down to the last second, every frame is infused with muted colors that are placed in stunning contrast with a sudden streak of yellow lights that morph and shift over the face of this incredible new artist. One of the greatest aspects of this debut is the organic beauty that is completely exposed and is not overwhelmed by complicated or loud instrumental loops.

Like slowly drifting deeper and deeper into a dark pool, listeners will find themselevs drifting into a stupor as their focus turns completely to the musical genius of, “Trouble.” Throughout the video, fans will come to learn that beauty can be found in darkness as Fausts incredible features are masked by the opaque fog and looming shadows. Without a doubt, Faust has proven once again that she has the vocal power and artistic ability to continue to grow and create music that has longterm staying power among her fans.

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Madison Blom