Kadhja Bonet just released her latest “Delphine”, which is the second single off of Bonet’s sophomore album Childqueen.  “Delphine” is an ethereal, out of this world track.  With sounds of bass, electronic keyboard, a slow drums, “Delphine” becomes relaxing and sultry.  The thing that really sets the track apart is Bonet’s vocals, as she sings like a classic jazz singer and takes this track into another era.  “I know exactly who you are Delphine, you’re the one for me, Delphine/I know the distance can confuse your mind, give it time Delphine, give it time” Kadhja sings as she rounds out the finishing sounds on “Delphine.”  This song is one of a kind and definitely worth the trip.

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Abby Trapp