A playlist curated by DK (aka Ectoplazm), the lead singer of Junks.

  1. The Auryn – Klaus Doldinger
  2.  Surveillance Camera – Rey Pila
  3. Oscar Mike – Captain Now
  4. Contact High – Architecture in Helsinki
  5. Everybody’s Movin’ – Junks (Robert Parker remix)
  6. Together In Electric Dreams – Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder
  7. Playing For Time – Madleen Kane
  8. Clutch – Miami Nights 1984
  9. 11th Dimension – Julian Casablancas
  10. That Funky Music – Midnight Driver
  11. Popularity – Sparks
  12. Annie – Neon Indian
  13. Anthonio – Berlin Breakdown Version – Annie
  14. Shannon’s Eyes (12” Version) – Girogio Moroder, Paul Engemann
  15. Firecracker – Yellow Magic Orchestra
  16. Communication – Ace Marino
  17. The Touch (LIFELIKE remix) – Mitch Murder
  18. Ooey – Vitalic
  19. New Lands – Justice
  20. One Way Trigger – The Strokes
  21. Real Bad Lookin’ – Alex Cameron
  22. Johnny & Mary (feat. Bryan Ferry) – Todd Terje
  23. Nuclear Holiday – Junks
  24. Enola Gay – OMD


The playlist I’ve compiled is a combination of songs, sounds and artists that influence Junks and the kind of music I like to mix when i’m DJing at parties or at my monthly retrowave party, Totally Rad.

The list reflects my love of synthwave and 80s synthpop, with songs that give me that warm and fuzzy nostalgic feeling, evoking images of the neon-drenched, Blade Runner-esque cityscapes implanted in my brain from too-much-movie-watching but also from my life here in the futuristic cities of Hangzhou and Shenzhen, China.


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This piece has been submitted in its entirety by the artist.

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