First of all, just as a reminder, BLACK LIVES MATTER. Period. If you do not agree with that statement or the movement happening right now, kindly excuse yourself from our viewership.

This month has been heavy. But, as I step out of my white privilege and gain new insight every day, I realize how heavy life is for so many others all the time. As a community, we are doing what we can to make an impact. This is going to include highlighting marginalized artists and the voices of our BIPOC brothers and sisters more regularly, merchandise proceeds to Black Lives Matter, financial donations to the cause. This movement will not fall on deaf ears. These changes are being made for good and for the better.

That said, let’s dive into our favorite new tracks of June 2020. You know this soundtrack gets wild, so expect some jams from Glass Peaks, Vilde, RUNN, Grace Gillespie, Caro, Suns Up, and more!

Civil Rights are everyone’s rights. We will not be free until everyone is free.

Meredith Schneider