LA-based producer Josh Pan just released his latest single, a track titled “Wait For Me”. Pan collaborates on his latest with the duo X&G.  How do you change the expectations of what EDM and electronic should sound like? Easy, just listen to “Wait For Me.”  What I thought would be a rock track, soon shifts to sounds of electronic piano and organ.  Combined with ethereal sounds of synth and unexpected bass drops,  “Wait For Me” proves to be one of a kind.  It even incorporates a jazzy, gospel feel with the ever present sound of electronic keyboard.  “Wait For Me” will keep you listening and wondering what will happen next.  On his latest single, Pan really takes creative liberties by incorporating folk-rock into a familiar electronic sound.  What’s even more, is Josh’s ability to create a memorable vocal sound as a baritone on “Wait For Me”. The track is unique, and if you’re like me and love new music, then “Wait For Me” is for you.

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