In honor of the release of his self-produced video for his track “Right Now”, Brooklyn based R&B/pop artist and producer Johnny has curated a fun playlist for us to jam out to in the car. So check out the video below, and enjoy a little write up from Johnny himself with your new favorite playlist playing into the weekend!

I drive just about every day. It’s about as stressful and damn near psychosis inducing of an experience as any non-driver might imagine. Anyone who drives in a major metropolitan city can relate, but driving in NYC is different; It’s like this sick club, full of crazy people, side eyeing every vehicle / pedestrian / delivery boy motorized bike in sight.
That being said, I tend to find a LOT of my creative inspiration while I’m in the car. ‘Aha’ moments meet euphoria and somehow the concept stars align. Music can have that weird phenomena of great escape. It can also act as a mirror offering us a reflection into some of our deepest thoughts.
I put together a playlist of a handful of songs I like to listen to while driving that always seem to help me on the road. Some bring my brain back to very specific emotions. Some have incited ideas for my own songs. These just make me feel like Ryan Gosling switching lanes in a mustang. “Driving for movies.” Press play and drive with me.

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