Joanna Teters is setting a place in music for herself following the release of her EP Warmer When It Rains. Teterz started off as a bandleader perfecting her craft as front woman for Mad Satta, Drew ofthe Drew, Lowtone Society, and iLa Mawana. I must admit, the entire EP is a rollercoaster love story, beginning with the song “Ride with You” which takes the listener on a ride for whatever. After “Ride with You” comes “Midnight”, in honor of what really happens after midnight. Teters takes to listener to the supreme with “Supreme” which is a song that leaves the listener yearning for more.

The lead single from the album is titled “Memories Remain”. “Memories Remain is a song inspired by a friend’s break up. The song is a song that is relatable to anyone that has ever gone through heartbreak. Warmer When it Rains is a phenomenal album that is a great start to Joanna Teters’ solo career.

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Jai'Tyria Hatton