Transylvanian producer and singer Jinka has just dropped her fourth single, “Countdown Forever”, a wonderfully original and perfectly eccentric track. Jinka puts out what she calls “happy trip pop”, and that about sums up her sound. Original, eclectic, and thoroughly fun, Jinka knows how to make a song all her own. Having previously released a few more tracks, Jinka is back better than ever with her new single. Dripping with sonic color and upbeat electronic sounds, “Countdown Forever” will wake you up and shake off all the boring and mundane.

Says Jinka of her new single: “Countdown Forever is about an illusional state of infinite hedonistic experience. The title is paradoxical. But just because something is paradoxical it doesn’t mean you can’t explore the idea of it. I think, what I generally do when I’m writing is that I try to take a different perspective on the mundane, dip crude reality into some sort of surreal glossing, romanticize it without smoothening the contours.”

Jinka certainly pulls of her description of the song, and takes the listener for an journey on her original soundscape.

“Countdown Forever” is a track you won’t want to miss, so give it a listen today.

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Veronica DeFeo