Ever-impressed by the incredible talent that is Jimmy, we are delighted to share his new haunting and dark single “Smile”, the follow up to his self-titled single “Jimmy.”  “Smile” discusses the struggles of being told to smile when times are tough an not the easiest. It displays the power of connection, as listeners relate to the same feelings of powerlessness in a corporate world.

Jimmy explains his inspiration behind “the track by stating:

I didn’t write “Smile” because I’d found any answers and writing it hasn’t afforded me any catharsis. “Smile” is simply a reaction to the corporations who perpetuate addiction as a pillar of business, to all the trendy marketing campaigns of the tobacco, alcohol, and pharmaceutical industries with their side effects in fine print or sped-up voice-overs, and the innocent souls on the other side of a rigged transaction.

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Abby Trapp