After releasing his self-titled track, “Jimmy,” Jimmy has worked tirelessly to produce a music video to accompany his soul searching single. Lyrically, the new release explores demons of all shapes and sizes most of which are popular topics of discussion not only in the news, but among the general public. Some of these include gender equality, addiction, peer pressure and mental health issues. Within the very nature of this song, Jimmy breaks boundaries and explores every corner of the music realm to develop his music that he hopes will inspire listeners to break down the pretentious boundaries that may hold them captive.

Although his music is generally defined as dark pop, it is evident that there are hints and nuances of several diverse genres of music that range from pop to even some rock vibes. This creates contrast between Jimmy and the rest of the rising generation of musicians and performers and allows his creative spirit to avoid being tied down to one specific genre. With this new release, he visually represents breaking out of social boundaries and outside pressures that might inhibit one from living a life they are meant to lead. Strong visuals and an even more spectacular vocal ability are only a few highlights of what this budding artist has in store for the music community and he has fans waiting on the edge of their seats in clear anticipation for future releases and performances.

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Madison Blom