In preparation for the release of her forthcoming EP, Naomi Hamilton, who uses the moniker of Jealous of the Birds on stage, has just released her latest single, “Plastic Skeleton.” Unlike most of the other music that has been produced and released in the past, this album is the perfect balance of vocal and instrumental components that are expertly woven together. To open this single, fans have the ability to enjoy the psychedelic beats played out by the guitar and drums. Before long, the hypnotizing soundscape is joined by mischievous vocals that  have a natural grit that matches the genre of music perfectly and is neither too over or underwhelming.

As each note passes, the tempo seems to slowly increase along with the building intensity that builds and grows until it reaches a breaking point which is then followed by an artistic ending that seems to push the listener over the edge of suspense. With having the climax so close to the end, Hamilton is able to hold the attention of her fans until the very last breath. Without a doubt, there is a particular kind of artistry that is both unique and clever and the artist’s end. Now that this single has been released, the up coming release of The Moths Of What I Want Will Eat Me In My Sleep is sure to be a smash hit for this growing artist.

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Madison Blom