Fresh off the presses, Jaunt‘s new 5-track EP Cue is ready for your waiting ears. Launched on Friday the 13th, there’s nothing spooky about this release, though it does play with dissonance and ambient sounds to bring you into a whole different soundscape than what you might be used to. While first track “Machined” feels like a slight machine interaction – small noises that lend themselves to its overall 70s-inspired feel -,second track “Best Case” continues at a slow tempo, the occasional guitar riff lending itself to a far more groovy sound.

“Intimate Sunset” exists in a soundscape similar to what the title infers. Beachy vibes almost drop from the speakers, and we’re already feeling like we’re on a much needed vacation. “Faster Interactions” is chill, groovy and psychedelic. With the use of a keyboard organ, soft high pitched vocals, and a variety of electronic sounds “Faster Interactions” stays true to its name. The video for “Faster Interactions” also really displays the band’s creativity with a psychedelic feel of fast paced iridescent lights and unexpected visuals.

Of “Faster Interactions” Jaunt says:

“Faster Interactions” is probably our zaniest track to date! It was one of the first written for Cue, but also took the longest to complete. We quickly knew that it would be a single, and playing it repeatedly live has helped us finesse it’s nuances. Caitlin and Eliza really helped bring a new energy and dynamic, ultimately making the song more joyous. We’re also trying very hard to bring back the sound of cheap keyboard orchestra hits in pop music.

They round out the magic with “Cued”, a slower track with more of a vibey, enchanting sound to it all. It’s the perfect bookend to what we have just experienced, and we’re enthralled enough to hear more.

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Meredith Schneider