There’s nothing better during the holidays than what seems to be an endless stream of brand new music being released to tantalize our eardrums, leaving a lasting impression to close out the year. This reigns true especially with the new track “Visionaries”, brought to us this week by electronic musician INZO, featuring the vocal stylings of Novet. From the beginning, there’s a wild feeling to the song, a sound that feels fresh as we awake from our tryptophan-induced comas. Synths, striking percussion, and make us feel like we’re in a movie’s establishing shot of New York City, gliding over it in fast motion and then in slow. This song ignites that type of light, and inspires the fire within you with energizing lyrics and futuristic sounds for days. Plus, it’s perfect for your NYE playlist.

Just sayin’.

“Visionaries” is out now. Keep up with INZO here.

Meredith Schneider