Three friends – Sarah Jarosz, Aofie O’Donovan, and Sara Watkins – banded together at the infamous Telluride Festival after they jumped on stage and performed a song for the first time. Since that moment on, it was clear that their paths would be forever intertwined on a bright future in the music industry, and together they make up the musical trio I’m With Her. See You Around¬†is out today.

Together, these three have produced music that seems to have several undertones from many different genres of music. Instead of sounding incoherent, however, they have spun each sound and rhythm together with the highest skill of artistry. Not only are there several songs with a folk-ish feeling, but also of country and bluegrass. The album features breathtaking harmonies and fine-spun narratives that gives this group a very unique sound and feel. From Telluride to total success as a band, these three friends have a bright future in changing how the world looks at music.

See You Around is out now. Keep up with the band here.

Madison Blom