With a name like Sharaya Summers, you’re either A) bound to success, B) bound to a pretty voice, or C) both.  Sharaya gets a C in my opinion.  The Portland native just released her new single “Wonder” and it could not be sweeter.  I hate to compare Stevie Nicks to anyone but Sharaya Summers is the Stevie for the generation below me, slightly infused with a hint of Lana Del Rey’s sultriness.  Summers’ voice is syrupy sweet with lyrics such as “…hush now don’t you go”, “if we go the right way”, and my favorite “do you still wonder…do you still wonder?’ 

The song touches me, which means she did excellent job, and even reminded me of someone I used to be super close with.  It’s awesome when music has that effect, and “Wonder” will have you head in a circle of thoughts. 

For all things Sharaya, go to www.sharayasummers.com

Abby Trapp