Showing off their stunning ability to transport their listeners to a whole new world filled with gloriously lush and full soundscapes is Hop Along with their latest new single, “How Simple.” Along with their fantastic new track, they have also been working hard to produce a visual spectacle that is equally enchanting and is sure to bring them closer to a dream that, at one point, seemed eons away. At first glance, this group is lively and energetic–from the first scene to the epic closing. Not only is their music unique and interesting, but there is a special artistic flare in the style of their video that perfectly compliments their music. Like the single that it accompanies, the video keeps the listener guessing at every turn with most of the peripheral scenery cut out and constant movement.

Hop Along’s diligent work has finally started to pay off as this new single has caused them to gather an even more extensive fan basis within just the past few weeks. No doubt, in the future, this will continue to grow as they produce and release music that matches the level of quality and perfection that they have achieved with “How Simple.”

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Madison Blom