Having just released their brand new album Strange Times this morning, Los Angeles-based psych pop trio Hollow FortyFives – comprised of Lucas Renberg, Brett Incardone, and Travis Corsaut – is revving up to play their album release party tonight at The Troubadour. Which means they have absolutely no time to bask in the glow of their work and treasure the audience response, as they’re focused on what’s to come with the entirety of the week still to unfold.

Luckily, we got a hot minute to catch up with them to find out the inspiration behind their work as a whole, the album you’re probably about to listen to on repeat, as well as to poke and prod them with silly little questions that give us peace of mind. Check out our words below!

What was your first musical memory? Did it have any bearing on how you respond to or create music now?

Lucas: Listening to a Beatles cassette that my Uncle had made for me. Then seeing some footage of The Who play live, after that i knew i had to play music.

Brett: Driving in my dad’s car and asking him who the band was on the radio. Also, asking my brother which instrument was playing and him teaching me the different sounds.

Travis: Being taught to play the guitar by my uncle. I quickly gave up and when I got a drum set 5 years later was forced into lessons. I really grew to love it.

Where do you believe you pull the most inspiration from for your work?

Lucas: A big chuck of it comes from the music I listen to and care about, My two favorite songwriters are John Lennon and Bob Dylan. The rest i would have to say come from the way I see the world. Anything can spark a song.

Brett: My biggest inspiration for lyrics would be the people I’m surrounded by whether it be friends, family, or even strangers. For music, simply, it can be bands I like, a riff I hear, or something that just grabs my attention.

Travis: I’d have to say that Lucas and Brett are my biggest inspirations in writing.

What inspired the track “Return Ticket” specifically?

Lucas: “Return Ticket” came about from the feeling of wanting to leave and get away. I live in this paradise that is California, but it’s a huge world out there. Always nice to take a look around, and no need to fear when you have a return ticket back home.

Your album is finally coming out, and we are so excited about it. What was the process for creating this album like for you guys?

Lucas: It was great writing the album and giving these songs the treatment they deserve. As a band it was our first time not recording ourselves, which was a whole new experience itself. We didn’t have to worry about mic placement or levels, we could focus on just playing the songs. And that really helped us grow as a band.

Brett: The process was very fun and smooth. The creative process was an absolute blast to be a part of and recording the album was a lot how I had hoped it would be: lots of late nights, laughs with my band mates, and excitement for being in a professional setting.

Travis: It was eye opening creating this album. The most important part for me was seeing how the songs had grown into something we’re all really proud to show you.

How do you imagine people listening to this release in its entirety?

Lucas: In a smokey room, either laying on a carpet floor or dancing away as the music flows out the speakers.

Brett: Driving in a car on a nice, sunny day, windows down with a cigarette in your hand.

Travis: When you listen to this song, I want you driving to Joshua tree in the rain with one hand out the window. If your friends are awake belt it with them and if they’re asleep wake them up by belting it. Noise is for the boys.

If you could be any superhero, who would you be and why?

Lucas: As a kid i was obsessed with Robin. So it would have to be Robin! He’s got the bat bike and is the only one I know who can question Batman.

Brett: Spiderman because he’s been my favorite since I was a kid, I’ve always loved Spiderman stories, and no matter how tough his life gets he always finds a way to overcome his struggles. Besides, who wouldn’t want to swing from skyscrapers?

Travis: Captain Planet, let’s strive to always improve this world guys.

If you could collaborate with any artist on any medium, who would you choose and what would you make?

Lucas: I’d love to be able to do a split single with my favorite current musician Tim Presley of White Fence.

Brett: Co-writing an album with Jeff Tweedy at the Wilco loft. It would be the craziest thing ever.

Travis: I want to do covers of the Barenaked Ladies with the ghost of Buddy Holly.

Cats or dogs? Substantiate your claim.

Lucas: Dogs who act like cats and cats who act like dogs. Best of both worlds.

Brett: Dogs. I had a cat once when I was a child, but she was a demon. Now I’m not saying all cats are evil, but I have a dog now and he is an absolute angel.

Travis: Cats AND dogs, lil cuties are a damn blessing.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Lucas: Keep living life between the headphones.

Brett: Tip your bartender.


Strange Times is out today and will be available here. Be sure to catch them at their album release show TONIGHT and keep up with the band here.