This month, Chicago-based duo Hobbyist – comprised of Holly Prindle and Marc Mozga – released a new album titled Sonic Cramps. The album is, admittedly, their take on events that occurred while they took up residence in Barcelona, Spain a year ago, focusing on their vantage point of what was happening politically in the United States at that time. But they didn’t release their gold mine of an album until they shared one last thing… the video for their track “Teeth of The Shark”.

The video itself has a very experimental feel to it, though comprised of what we assume are Holly’s normal, every day visuals. The experience is heightened when it is all thrown into time lapse, clear visuals blurring together and many settings becoming a single experience for the viewer. The song itself also feels very experimental, like beat poetry come to life.

Sonic Cramps is out now. Keep up with Hobbyist here.

Meredith Schneider