Exploding out of Madrid, Spain, the indie rock girl group Hinds has released the official music video for “New For You”, a single from their upcoming album I Don’t Run, out April 6th. Comprised of vocals and guitar from Carlotta Cosials and Ana Perrote, Ade Martin on bass and backing vocals, and Amber Grimbergen on drums, Hinds has been around since 2011 and already has a devoted fan base.

The video is, thematically, based on Hinds (and friends) playing football (American soccer), and full of feel-good, “I don’t care” vibes. Tossing around feelings and fun sounds as well as a ball, the authentically youthful and carefree Hinds bring their unique sound to a fun-loving video, amping their followers up for the release of I Don’t Run. While definitely not as staged and structured as some of their previous videos like “Warts”, the video for “New For You” perfectly accompanies the song. Full of 90’s-esque vibes and a vibrant color scheme partnered with the bold vocals of the girl group, “New For You” will have you bopping along to it in now time.

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Veronica DeFeo