Chicago’s own Hidden Hospitals is excited to share the release of their new album Liars, which is officially out today.  “Razor Blades” is the first track to kick off the album, and shows off Hidden Hospital’s pop-punk flare.  “I want it all but everything won’t fit,” proclaims the band.  The track remains angsty with lines like “rush to the razor blades” and “haunted crosses” highlighted among others.  The title track “Liars” is very ethereal, more reminiscent of outer space.  “Liars have lips who call out love,” the upbeat electronic pop track sings. “Liars” remains upbeat and funky, but with a sad lyrical message.

My personal favorite track is “Better Off”.  On this post-apocalyptic track, Hidden Hospitals touches on the aftermath of a relationship and the toxic environment one can get caught up in.  “I didn’t know what we had started, I couldn’t see the pieces then- pull us close found us toxic/how misleading it had been,” the band shares on a painful but truthful experience with listeners.

On the album, vocalist Dave Raymond says: “Sound is language, and our fluency and vocabulary 2018 is vast. Why not use it? I can make a guitar do anything, we can make a drum kit say or control anything, and that’s interesting to me. It’s the feeling of “kid in the garage with their amp turned all the way up.” I’m forever chasing that, and LIARS is the most recent expression of what got me there.”

Liars is available here.

Abby Trapp