Indie group Hello Forever release video for newest track “I Want to Marry You”. Hailing from hippie-esque Topanga County, Calif., those same vibes are present in the song and the video.

Hello Forever, are shot at multiple locations in Topanga County. The look of the video is an off-shoot of their hippie style, seemingly recorded or mimicked to look like it was recorded on 35mm film.

“I Want to Marry You” is lead by ukulele with percussion used to keep the steady rhythm. The ukulele created melody give the song a light feeling. A feeling a listener can find themselves relaxing to or dancing along with.

Hello Forever’s style of music falls somewhere between the indie-rock powerhouse Vampire Weekend and psychedelic POND. This varied marker gives them the space to create and innovate in spaces that seem far apart. What Hello Forever are able to create in this space is a warped indie style that is highly enjoyable.

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