Australian artist Harp Samuels’ latest single is a stripped-down masterpiece that draws you in with beautiful vocals and a poignant piano melody. The track is reminiscent of the styles of Sufjan Stevens or Damien Rice, but it tells a story that is entirely his own. Samuels bares his soul in the haunting way that only music can do. The lyrics are few and far between, yet they manage to encapsulate the same amount of emotion, or even more, than most ballads. In this case, the story not only lies within the lyrics, but the way the lyrics are sung:

You’re my home/I am safe with you/You’re my home/You made a space, so you could hide/Locked in your hazel eyes/I feel I can climb these mountains/When I’m/in deep, dark waters/You help me breathe/I’m in the waves but I’m able to see.

The first time around, Samuels’ voice is quiet, raw, and dark. But by the second time, the song shifts – the music swells and his voice has a renewed hope to it. The song’s simple structure is emphasized by the title – it reminds us to breathe, especially at times when that’s all we can do.

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Karina Marquez

Karina Marquez

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