Massachusetts duo Handsome Ghost have just released “Vampires”, a nostalgic ode to youth and the wild moments found in the infancy of love. The track precedes the release of their forthcoming album, Some Still Morning, due to release this May. The record is centered around the feeling of a new dawn when you’re finally able to look at everything with fresh perspective and fresh eyes, a theme that feels all too appropriate during these crazy times.

The ethereal duo, comprised of Tim Notes and Eddie Byun, tie the aching track together with delicate production and acoustic guitars over whispered lyrics. Airy background vocals exist as distant siren calls while muted piano continues to quietly drive the song forward. Every nuance feels purposeful and perfectly placed, the track sprinkled with numerous moments of magic that manage to exist both subtly and powerfully. The duo reflects on grasping spontaneity and passion for life over the passage of time, with a touch of bitterness over the unreachability of the past and what will never be lending that hard-to-capture feeling of finding beauty through pain.

“Vampires” is out now for your quarantine streaming consumption and Some Still Morning is scheduled for release in May of 2020 on Photo Finish Records, followed by a series of European tour dates. Keep up with Handsome Ghost here.

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