Edinburgh-based alternative collective Hamish Hawk & The New Outfit – comprised of the indellible Hamish Hawk and his cohorts Alex Duthie, Andrew Pearson, John Cashman, and Barry Carty – is releasing the official music video for their track “Nomad” today, and we’re excited to announce that we’ve got the exclusive premiere. Trudging through a murky, guitar-heavy soundscape, we find Hamish’s charming and quirky vocals to be refreshing, holding onto every one of his theatric, beautiful words. The song itself paints quite a vivid picture of very specific instances, though we somehow feel a kinship to Hawk because of it.

And perhaps that kinship is electrified by the music video, which is largely set in front of a black backdrop with a few key props. A warmth to the frame, coupled with vintage items and Hawk’s lush, textured style make for a delicate and beautiful display for the track. Additionally, Hawk’s theatric vocals go head to head with his dancing and elaborate movements. We’re big fans of the video, and a part of us hopes to see him blossom into – not only a more talented songwriter and musician, but – perhaps the composer or star of a musical.

All that said, we think the video is worth a watch. Check it out below!

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Meredith Schneider