The lovely ladies of the Good Lovelies release their new album titled Shapeshifters.The Good Lovelies consists of Kerri Ough, Sue Passmore, and Caroline Brooks. Each member of the trio is a great singer/songwriter in their own right, though the ladies’ vocals mesh well together throughout the entire album. Their immense talent is very noticeable.

Each song on Shapeshifters sets a standard for what the Good Lovelies are truly about. Each of the ladies in the group played a part in making sure the album turned out great. The members put aspects of their lives in Shapeshifters and the entire album revolves around the influences in each of the ladies lives.

Shapeshifters takes a creative approach to music. The album is full of pop, jazz and even a dose of hip hop. The album is well worth the listen. The Good Lovelies are going on a tour for this album March 1st through the 10th, so make sure to catch them!

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Jai'Tyria Hatton