Boston-based pop artist GILLIAN has just put out her new single, “High”. The young songstress is only 15 years of age but is already proving her knack for chronicling life’s ups and downs and trials and tribulations with clarity, poetic eloquence, and a stirringly soulful voice. Whether it’s with a piano, guitar, or her haunting vocals, GILLIAN explores dissolving relationships, the horrors of addiction, and facing loneliness with unbridled emotion that belies her 15 years. “High” marks GILLIANS first release of 2020 with plenty in the books to follow, including a new EP release in the summer of 2020.

GILLIAN navigates tranquil piano with skill beyond her years on “High”, her mesmerizing voice serving as the ever-so-pleasant guiding light through a sparse backtrack. Delicate and carefully chosen pronunciation and vocal embellishments give her a unique flavor. She builds the song’s tension up to an arresting chorus with commanding percussion and soft backing vocals, showing up with a strong delivery that sets the hook apart from the calm verses.

“High” is available now wherever you like to stream and keep an eye out for more releases from GILLIAN in 2020.

Madi Toman