LA based duo Freedom Fry is excited about their latest song “Cold Blooded Heart.” “Cold Blooded Heart” is the newest single off is their album Classic which will be out on 6/1. Freedom Fry brings a new sound on “Cold Blooded Heart” teetering between the sound of indie, pop, and alternative. The track tells the tale of a heartless uninvolved lover. “Cold blooded heart, yeah that’s how I pegged you from the start,” sings the duo as their voices are blend seamlessly.

My favorite line is, “Seasons change but winter stays, yeah you can make it go away and all you have to do is not give up.” With the sounds of piano, drums and banjo the track makes for a catchy tune with great writing.

Look out for Classic which will release June 1st. Keep up with Freedom Fry here.

Abby Trapp