Freedom Fry is set to release their debut album Classic Friday, June 1st. I know Freedom Fry fondly as I recently reviewed their single off of Classic “Cold Blooded Heart.”  Freedom Fry is an indie duo, whose voices were meant to be together.  The duo consists of Parisian born Marie Seyrat, and Michigan born Bruce Driscoll.   “Die Tryin” is the second single release off of Classic.  A regretful love song, Freedom Fry sings on what could have been done differently.  “I’m the worst, I’m a first class jerk, but I need you tonight,” Bruce humbly sings.  “Oh I’m going to get you or I’m gonna die tryin,” belts the chorus.  What may seem like a hopeless track at first, turns into a sweet, romantic track and the will to “die tryin” to do right by a lover.

Of course, I love “Cold Blooded Heart,” a not so romantic track cursing a heart breaker with “Cold blooded heart, yeah that’s how I pegged you from the start.”  “Awake,” remains a little more upbeat and even “tropical.”  “Awake! Here we go,” harmonize the duo.  The song remains lifted with sounds of ukulele, bongos, and whistles.  Shifting from the somber side of Freedom Fry, “Awake” simply remains a positive feel-good, indie song.  One really cool thing about the release of Classic, is the album trailer.  The artsy trailer on YouTube feature Emma Kenney (Yes, Debbie from the hit Showtime series, Shameless.) Emma navigates her way around downtown through coffee shops, thrift, and record stores with her walkman cassette player as each song off of Classic is previewed.  The trailer is really something, as Freedom Fry allows a sneak preview of their debut album in an aesthetic and cinematic nature.

Classic is out tomorrow. Keep up with Freedom Fry here.

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