Folk pop duo Fox and Bones – comprised of Sarah Vitort and Scott Gilmore – lays the groundwork for a fun, adventure-filled album from the very first lines of Better Land‘s initial track “Little Animal”, which boasts the feeling of a mid-album track, tempo having already had time to build. But this duo hits the ground running with every track, establishing its energy and diction separately than its predecessor. While “Love Me Like a River” brings the album into a deeper soundscape, “Roots” has a soulful anthem feel to it. “Roads” slows everything down exponentially, poetic in that fact, as they focus on the little details of spending life on the road.

“Reckless” sets a very different tone than “Tricky Love”, which happens to be one of our favorite tracks on this collection. The title track brings the tempo back up, definitely a staple on the album. “Strange” takes on ballad form, while “Pin Up” brings more twang to its instrumentals, setting a simple, beautiful tone to it. “Any of it With You” brings the positivity back in, establishing a sense of energy to work hard with what time you have left. Eleventh and final track “Welcome Home” is a head bobber, absolutely your next staple on long road trips as you search “for that spark.”

Test the new album out for yourself below!

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Meredith Schneider