On the rise folk duo Fox and Bones have released their new single “Little Animal” along with a fun energetic video to follow! Made up of Sarah Vitort and Scott Gilmore, the duo use their talented songwriting, along with their unique vocals in order to captivate new audiences and build their fan base. Prior to their new song, the duo has released an ample amount of their own music which has allowed them to skyrocket over the past few years and create better music each and every time. “Little Animal”, a fun and upbeat song has a perfect video to match just as well with the song. The video holds an amusing vibe that includes both animal and human characters running around and having fun on a sunny summer day. Not only does this video send a free spirited message, but it also matches the statement that the song itself portrays. Although this is a folk song, Fox and Bones adds a hint of pop to it to give it something a little extra, so it can fit into almost any genre for everyone to enjoy!

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