Cue raw, psychedelic vibes and soothing vocals with Former Faces’ latest single “Forc# Fi#lds” from their debut full-length album Foreign Nature. Vocalist and founder Ryan Parmenter explains the meaning behind the song stating, “it’s about letting your guard down and being wide awake to new relationships, ideas, and endeavors.” This description seems fitting as the groove-indie rock quartet was rejuvenated just last year when Parmenter added three new musicians to the band.

“Forc# Fi#lds” creates a groovy vibe within seconds of the music beginning; the first strums of the guitar are reminiscent of a classic 1960s indie anthem. Rock meets ethereality creating the quintessential tune for an epic adventure.

Parmenter also describes the song as “steeped in sentimentality,” which flawlessly depicts the energy emitted from a song that I feel is dripping in nostalgia yet somehow generates feelings of majestic escapades and explorations.

Former Faces’ first full-length album Foreign Nature is set to release in Spring 2018. Keep up with the band here.

Katie Pugh