Toronto-based solo artist For Esmé has just released her brand new single, “Doubtmouth”, off her forthcoming record, Righteous Woman. Filled with the musings of the singer and a shaking off of tradition, Esmé brings a refreshingly unapologetic message with this single. She says that “Doubtmouth” is about “the doubt that chokes us, and the labels that shrink us, to find a voice and body that refuses to be quieted.” The track addresses these hard-hitting ideas in a fantastically organized production of music; Esmé has hit the nail on the head.

Says Esmé on her upcoming album: “My forthcoming LP, Righteous Woman, is a feminist awakening and excavation of the voices within. As I worked to uncover my own internalized misogyny and to interrogate the things I repress and overthink, I simultaneously researched”. Her single is already giving us a taste of her For Esmé’s upcoming LP, Righteous Woman will be released May 25th.

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Veronica DeFeo