Seeking to bring their magical soundscapes to a new level, First Ghosts have released their newest single, “Burt Out,” which they believe can raise them into the spotlight that they so desperately desire. Not only do these artist have talent and bouncing, thriving beats running through their veins, but they also have a talented crew that have assisted them in creating killer visuals to accompany their perfected and refined sound.  With the help of many and with their talent in tow, First Ghosts are surely going to make their way to the top of their fan’s playlists. Their latest single is proof that they have the skills that every fan is looking for, but they also have a unique way of bringing new material to the table that both shocks and surprises all those who decide to tune into their world of killer jams.

Along with their skills that allow them to create new, innovative music, lyrically they are able to create movements within their singles that create a nostalgic atmosphere that welcomes people into the world First Ghosts have created with their words. In reference to this skill, Andrew Harris, their co-director has said,”The first time I heard First Ghost’s “Burnt Out,” I remember visualizing the lyrics as a story. I saw a kind, old man, reliving nostalgic memories in his senior years while considering what is worth letting go of, and what is worth holding on to.” With all of their skill and unique talent, there is no doubt that this group has succeeded in advancing their sound to a new, more professional level.

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Madison Blom