Alt-indie newcomers, FEVA, just release their latest single.  “Makin’ Waves” is a debut off of the English based band self-titled album FEVA.  The song is sure to be an indie-rock classic with focus on guitar, drums and vocals, while maintaining an upbeat feeling.  “Don’t feel like you gotta settle down—baby lovin’ ain’t for us all.”  “Makin’ Waves” encompasses an important message in the song for people of all ages.  The line I specifically mentioned: “Don’t feel like you gotta settle down,” is especially crucial.  In today’s world of have a stable career, education, and S.O. (significant other), by the time that you’re thirty is not only stressful—it’s daunting.  “Makin’ Waves” really came around full circle for me,  making me realize that you have to go out there into the world and make waves…literally.  Settling down isn’t an option, so don’t make it one. FEVA sure didn’t.

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Abby Trapp