Yellow seems to be a common theme in the world of London-based folk duo Ferris and Sylvester. Following their debut EP, The Yellow Line, Issy Ferris and Archie Sylvester have released the single “Better in Yellow”, off their upcoming EP, Made in Streatham.

Filmed in 80’s-esque 4:3, the video for “Better in Yellow” is full of visually appealing shots with a sunshine yellow theme and old-timey TV feel. The simplicity of the visuals allows for a spotlight on the lyrics and instrumentation of the track. A tribute to standing out instead of letting one’s originality be sucked up by the humdrum of the world, “Better in Yellow” is sure to flood your day with hope and happiness. There’s something so heart-warming about watching someone get an egg cracked on their head, covered in yellow paint, and rained upon with potato chips.

With a unique sound combining folky tunes with hints of blues, and even a touch of trumpet, “Better in Yellow” is not to be missed. Ferris and Sylvester know how to not only work together on a musical level, but also in matters of aesthetic, and the “Better in Yellow” video is tribute to this.

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Veronica DeFeo