Coming out of the woodworks and shocking the music world as a whole is only one attribute that has caught the attention of fans and critics from around the world. Blossoming artist Fenne Lily has broken out of mundane and average to achieve something that is worth while, but more importantly, worth the listen. Mostly acknowledged for her work on Aldous Harding’s last album, Fenne Lily was able to gain the traction that she needed with a surprising 20 million Spotify streams. Her style has been compared to the of Angel Olsen and Linda Perhacs, and has been given the title of “Joni Mitchell meets 4AD.” One of the greatest features of this 20-year-olds vocal performance is the versatility and flexibility in her voice. There is a “je ne sais quoi” feel about the atmosphere that she creates that entices the listener and soothes the soul.

Most recently Fenne Lily has come out with her single, “On Hold” with its accompanying music video that she created and produced by herself. It features Fenne rolling around London on roller skates handing out roses. Full of charm and quirk, this artist clearly has much to offer the rising generation on music and vocal talent.

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Madison Blom