Today, the world is finally able to hear new music from indie pop band Felsen. The album delivers a message through melody and lyrics that they created in their late-night West Oakland Studio. A highly anticipated work, Blood Orange Moon is eleven tracks of musical wonder, from first track “Vultures on Your Bones” through the title track at the end.

“Vultures on Your Bones” has many different melodies crafted together as one. The acoustic guitar blends perfectly with the rest of the instruments and the leading vocals on the track. The song seems like it is about a vulture eating at the bones of an individual and the vulture will not leave the vocalist alone. The vulture continues to come back and bother the individual.

Blood Orange Moon will definitely take the listener on an emotional rollercoaster ride. The album goes from being about wanting to be with someone in songs like “Lovecraft”, losing a loved one in songs like “You and I will Meet Again”, and desire. It addresses human emotion in a beautiful way.It tackles communication, whether it’s face to face or direct. “Blood Orange Moon” is not only amazing because of the vocals and instrumentals, but the songs are relatable and relaxing. The album is great to turn on during a late night car ride when you just want to vibe to music or when you just want to unwind for the day and relax.

Blood Orange Moon is out now.

Jai'Tyria Hatton