Exploring the deepest corners of the mind and the demon found there that are egged on by anxiety and guilt is the latest release from LA darling Esbie Fonte and her new single, Manumit.” Growing up surrounded by a family that was equally involved in music and frequent trips to the record store inspired her to take her sound to new heights. After spending several years attending Sarah Lawrence College, immersing herself in the education opportunities offered there. The same passion that brought her to that school also carried her across the Atlantic to deepen her understanding of the world of production. Now, fresh out of college and moved to one of the music capitals of America, Fonte is ready to take her music to a whole new level–from bedroom artist to working with one of the most successful produces around, she has released her single, “Manumit.”

One of the most enticing attributes of this single is the dreamy vocals accompanied by synth loops that seem to transport listeners to the world built by the lyrics majesty spun by Fonte herself. As a wonderful tribute to the experience one faces when attempting to battle personal insecurities, “Manumit” speaks to all who have ever face mental debilitation on any and all levels. This single was written in the center of calamity in hopes of achieving mental clarity and deeper understanding of oneself. No doubt, this is a song that will touch thousands and raise Fonte to a whole new level in the music industry as she continues to produce meaningful, flawless tracks.

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Madison Blom