At only 18, North Londoner Ellie Occleston is bursting onto the scene with her debut single, “Splinters”, out via Trellis Records. During her childhood spent in both the UK and Spain, Occleston honed her guitar and piano plays, as well as her songwriting skills. Ever expanding her potential, Ellie is currently a competitor in the Coffee Music Project in London.

Simply yet elegantly composed of piano and vocals, Occleston provides the track with emotion-packed singing. Aside from phenomenal lyrical composition, the single shows off all the right sides of Occleston’s vocal abilities within its four minutes. Produced by Jon Moon, “Splinters” is the perfect springboard to bring Ellie Occleston into the radar of the public. We’re looking forward to seeing Occleston continue to explore her musical talents and we hope many more beautiful tracks like “Splinters” are in her future.

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