You know those songs that make you pretend you’re in a music video and be super dramatic singing along, with accompanying interpretive dance moves? “Wolf” does just that, and more. Toronto-based singer DYLYN has just released her single “Wolf”, to be featured on her upcoming debut EP Sauvignon and a Kimono (out Feb 23rd). Teeming with angst and emotion, DYLYN packs all the frustration of a breakup with unique lyrics and strong beats in “Wolf”.

Anyone who is in need of a post-relationship anthem, look no further. Like a true punk-pop queen, DYLYN creates an atmosphere of slight insanity paired with deep feeling heartache and solid instrumentation (especially drums). “Wolf” is full of great lines like, “I eat boys like you for dinner” and “I cry wolf/I know I shouldn’t but I still do/I wanna see you run”. It’s the kind of song you didn’t know you needed to hear, but you definitely did. It’s also not post-breakup specific; anyone having a bit of a rebellious streak (or just pretending to) will vibe with this track.

Keep an eye out for DYLYN’s debut EP, Sauvignon and a Kimono, to be released February 23rd. Keep up with DYLYN here.

Veronica DeFeo