The alternative indie DYAN is back after their latest single “What Fiction Is For,” with a cover of the Jose Gonzalez song “Cycling Trivialities.”  The cover anticipates their latest EP Absence.  DYAN is simply perfect for the cover which was featured on ABC’s Deception.  The band brings an ethereal  experience to the cover.  The electronic sounds are reminiscent of an unknown journey.  Even more, band founder Alexis Marsh does an excellent job on vocals, articulating each word perfect and sweetly especially with emphasis on “When it all come down, cycling trivialities.”  The cover does a great job of keeping the listener alert while at the same time keeping the pace of a dreamy lullaby.  Listen to Jose Gonzalez’s first and then compare the cover.  You’ll see the wonderful spin that DYAN puts in “Cycling Trivialities.”

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Abby Trapp