Distancing himself from the overwhelming status quo of the modern music is up and coming South-London based artist DWY. Since his debut, DWY has effectively distinguished himself from other artists by producing music with so much soul and unique talent. His most recent release, “Over You,” is further evidence of this truth. Like many of his other tracks, “Over You,” is composed of simple yet beautifully produced pieces that, when put together are the perfect combination of well written lyrics and talented vocals. As fans listen to this wonderfully constructed single, they will experience music in one of its purest forms–without overpowering instrumentals or other effects, just clean simple, beautiful lyrics. DWY transports his listeners to a world that he creates with his smooth emotive voice that both calms and soothes the soul.

Above anything else is the irrefutable fact that DWY brings something unique and beautiful to the music industry. “Over You,” being his most recent addition to his ever growing musical lexicon is no different. For those who have had the please of experiencing his version of soulful electronic pop , the new single will be a welcomed new piece to enjoy. For those who have not yet discovered this young talent, it will be a refreshing, new experience that will capture their attention and renew their view on modern music.


Madison Blom