From Austin, Texas four man band Dryspell brings a new approach to the term ‘pop rock’ with their latest. “You Without Me” is the first single from the band’s new EP entitled More, which will debut on March 1stDryspell consists of band members Chad Doriocourt on guitar, Hunter Thompson on vocals and guitar, Samuel Jacobson on bass, and Hugh Vu on drums. The foursome formed and got the idea of their name after experiencing heartbreak.

From the moment “You Without Me” starts, the song will immediately grab the attention of the listener with the beginning guitar intro. The single sounds like true rock as the band pulls from the roots of garage rock.

“You Without Me” has a hint of pop underneath all of its rock sound. The song is about a relationship that is slowly disintegrating with the lead singer Thompson, hoping that it will overcome any differences that they may have. The song is very catchy. Not only is the beat memorable, but the lyrics are exceptionally well written.  “You Without Me” is an exceptional starting single to the bands EP.

Dryspell’s new EP More will debut March 1st. Keep up with the band here.

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